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ISI software solutions is focused on expanding the employable pool of Engineering graduates and make them readily deployable in the Engineering services industry. Currently about Majority of the engineering graduates are not employable, according to the latest survey conducted by India Times report. However, a large pool of this unemployable workforce is trainable. ISI software solutions plans to reach out to this workforce in the tying up with colleges and train them on live projects to give them hands-on experience to become employable as well as readily deployable.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Hardware Design Engineer

  • C- Programming & Data structure
  • 8051 Micro Controller
  • Embedded C
  • PIC 18Fxxx Micro Controller
  • Embedded Hardware Basics
  • ARM7

Embedded Software Design Engineer

  • C- Programming & Data structure
  • C++ Programming Concepts
  • Embedded RTOS
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Device Drivers
  • VC++


Overview, Environment Setup, Basic Syntax, Object & Classes, Basic Data types, Variable Types, Modifier Types, Basic Operators, Loop Control, Decision Making, Numbers, Characters, Strings, Arrays, Date & Time, Regular Expressions, Methods, Files and I/O, Exceptions, Java Object Oriented, Data Structures, Collections, Generics, Serialization, Networking, Sending Email, Multithreading, Applet Basics


Overview, Architecture, APIs, Containers, SERVLET, Web Application Basics, Servlet life cycle, Handling Request and Response, Initializing a Servlet, Accessing Database, Session Tracking & Management, Java Server Pages, Basic JSP Architecture, Role of JSP in MVC-2, JSP with Database, Exception Handling, JSP with Java Bean, RMI Overview & Architecture, Enterprise Java Beans, Types, Working with Session and Entity Beans, Message Driven Beans.


Overview, Architecture, Building and Executing MIDP Applications, Creating a High Level User Interface, Creating a Low Level User Interface, Managing Data on the Device, Accessing Network Data and Services, Media Control


Introduction, Mathematical functions, Basic Plotting, Matrix generation, Array operations, Linear Equations, Programming in MATLAB, Image Processing, Signal Processing


Introduction to .NET, Understanding CLR, Framework, Working with Visual Studio 2008, Language Syntax of C# and VB .NET, OOPs, GUI Programming with Visual C# and Visual Basic, Web programming with ASP .NET, AJAX with ASP .NET, Learning SQL and T-SQL with SQL Server 2005/2008


PHP Introduction, Environment, Syntax Overview, Variable Types, Constants, Operator Types, Decision Making, Loop Types, Arrays, Strings, Web Concepts, GET & POST, File Inclusion, Files & I/O, Functions, Cookies, Sessions, Sending Emails, File Uploading, Predefined Variables, Regular Expression, Error Handling, Bugs Debugging, Date & Time, PHP and MySQL, PHP Object Oriented, PHP and XML


CMOS Technology, Fabrication Process, Stick Diagram, Physical design of Logic Gates, Specification using Verilog HDL, Types of Modeling, CMOS Chip Design, Programming Hardware Implementation, PSPICE